About Tibetan Medicine

Tibetan Medicine is one of the oldest forms of healing in the world and has been in practice for more than two thousand five hundred years in Tibet and the Himalayan region. In Tibetan this ancient practice is called "Sowa Rigpa". "Sowa" means to heal the imbalance of the body and "Rigpa" means the knowledge or science of a subject.

Tibetan Medicine is one of the five main studies of the Buddhist Doctrine along with the study of sound, logic and philosophy.


Our Healing Center

Our Healing Center is located in the valley of Dollu a few minutes drive from the village of Pharping and one hour drive from Kathmandu town. Please check the map for directions. The center has a Traditional Tibetan medical clinic, Traditional healing Ku Nye therapeutic massage, hot medicinal bath therapy, herbal steam sauna, herbal dry sauna, meditation / Yoga hall, library, Shrine room and Medicine Buddha garden, souvenir shop

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Free Medical Camp

We are trying our best to help those in need by offering free medical consultations and medicine, so that they could be free from their illnesses and return to normal life. Few times a month we are visiting villages around Kathmandu valley and retreat centers with free medicine, as well as treating people in Boudha and Pharping clinics. Please call us to find out how you can avail this free service.


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