My Pemakod visit 2007 / 2008

In Pema Kod there are three mountains each with different medicinal plants due to the differences of altitude. It is also a very sacred place with one particular valley that grows exceptionally spiritual plants used by Buddhist to benefit their lives and practice. Pema Kod is not easily traveled to, due to the lack of any roads and the harshness of the terrain. This has both protected the species of medicinal plants and caused great difficulties for the people that live in Pema Kod. Even though they have an abundance of plants that can be made into medicines that can treat many diseases, without the knowledge of how to harvest and prepare them, they suffer from many diseases and have no one skilled in treating these illnesses living in Pema Kod.

Name of medicinal Plants found from Pemakod area:

  1. Rhododendrom anthopogon (Evicaceae)
  2. Hippohae tibetana (Elaaeagnaceaceae)
  3. Ephedra gerrrrrardianna (Ephedvaceae)
  4. Polygonatum cirrhifolinum
  5. Ephedra gerardiana (Ephedraceae)
  6. Polygonatum catheartii
  7. Movina polyphylla (Dipsacacaceae)
  8. Panax pseudoginseng
  9. Orchidaceae Daceytlorhiza hatagirea
  10. Primula macrophtlla (Primulaceeae)
  11. Saxijraga Stenophylla
  12. Juniperas Indica
  13. Rosaceae(Rosasericea)
  14. Gentiana Nubigena
  15. Calvativa Cythijormis
  16. Leontopdium Stracheyi Compositae Asteraceae
  17. Salvia Lians
  18. Geraniaceae(Geranium Pratense)
  19. Primula Sikkimensis(Primulaceae)
  20. Rubus Foliolosus(Rosaceae)
  21. Acoritum Hookeri(Ranuculaceae)
  22. Pedicularis sp scrophulariaceae
  23. Bistorta Macrophylla(Polggonceae)
  24. Geranium sp(Geraniaceae)
  25. Silene sp(Caryophyllaceae)
  26. Saussurea ff. Gossypiphora(Asteraceae/Compositae)
  27. Delphinium sp. (Ranunculaceae)
  28. Rhododendron.ff (Campylocarpum/Ericaeae)
  29. Unlenonm
  30. Androsace Sarmentosa (Primulaceae)
  31. Delphinium Sp. (Ranunculaceae)
  32. Saussurea ff. Gossypiphora
  33. Silene Sp. caryophyllaceae
  34. Rhodopdendron ff.Campylocarpum
  35. Androsace Sarmentosa (primulaceae)
  36. Thalictrum Cultratum