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The Breathing Exercise That Will Change Your Life

You may have heard a lot about different breathing exercises.

Some of you have probably tried them, too.

But there is one thing you need to know!

These breathing exercises don’t work in the long term, that’s why there are thousands of different methods.

Some exercises may help you to feel better for a while, but the root cause of the disorder will not be revealed.

It can be confusing or even frustrating to find the breathing exercise which really works and fits you, so let’s make it simple and consider one universal breathing technique, which will help you to find the balance and harmony by solving any kind of psychological disorder at once.

So lets begin:

Step 1

Stop doing anything and sit down.

Our mind is too active when we stand and too relaxed when we lay down, it’s better to sit on the chair western style or legs crossed eastern yogi style, so you feel comfortable and aware.

Keep your back straight.

It’s necessary not because of the sacred meaning, but because of a natural posture of the body where organs and nerves are not being pressurized by our curved spine.

Step 2

Keep your eyes open.

When the eyes are closed, our mind is free from perception of external objects and immediately starts to fantasize by visualizing random objects from the past and future.

Our task is to keep attention in the present moment without having any thoughts.

There is no need to control or fight them.

Step 3

Let go of what you know. Our body and mind recovers faster during the sleep only because we are not there to interrupt, therefore forget what you know about breathing and simply observe.

Don’t interfere or manipulate your breathing, realize that it is happening in Your body without you actively doing it.

Let it flow naturally.

It could be intensive or relaxed, let it be as it is.

The trick is, when we are witnessing the breathing in the present moment our attention is not traveling in thoughts and we become free from the tension caused by it.

By realizing that, we now see stress as an illusion, which appeared in our mind simply because we created a thought about it.

None of that is actually real.


Any effort we use to get rid of our problem will only make it stronger.

By doing any kind of exercises we affirm that the problem in our mind now becomes real.

So there is nothing you can really do except letting go of the effort.

The problem is only a thought in the mind, like a cloud in the sky.

You don’t need to get rid of anything, because there is nothing to get rid of.

This is an advanced understanding of breathing.

Follow these simple tips above to stay free from anything that may disturb you.


In case you really want to practice some breathing exercises, here are some from Sowa Rigpa practice:

1) Mindful breathing practice

Sitting in the sevenfold posture, take 7 or 21 deep breaths.

Each deep breath consists of three phases:

  • (rdub) Inhalation
  • (‘dzin) Retention
  • (‘byin) Exhalation

Use the following count for each breath sequence: 4-3-5 (Inhaling-holding-exhaling)

You can combine this breathing practice with visualization, inhaling 5 rainbow colors (blue, green, red, white, yellow), representing the 5 pure elements.
While exhaling, radiate light out through the pores of the skin.

As another practice, you can also combine the Mindful Breathing with the natural, flowing breath of Vajra Chanting:

  • Inhale a white OM
  • Hold a red A
  • Exhale a blue HUNG

2) Expelling the Dead Rlung

This is also known as the (rlung ro dgu phrugs) ‘Ninefold Purification Breathing’

1. Exhale completely. Close your left nostril with your left index finger and inhale while bringing the right index finger to the right nostril.

Visualize inhaling pure rainbow light through the right nostril, bringing it down the right channel together with your finger.

At the navel level, hold your breath, turning your index finger and hand up, leading the energy up the left channel.

Exhale through the left nostril, visualizing all impurities of anger as red smoke or little snakes being expelled, releasing the left index finger from the left nostril while closing the right index finger over the right nostril.

2. Repeat the process for the left channel with reversed hands.

All impurities of ignorance are released as whitish gray smoke or little pigs.

3. Guide with both hands as you inhale with both nostrils to cleanse all channels.

Exhale all impurities of attachment as dark smoke or little roosters through both nostrils.

Repeat the breathing sequence at least three times.

3) Sevenfold Meditation Posture of Vairocana

1. Sit with legs crossed, ideally in full lotus position.

Balances descending wind.

2. Keep your spine straight, like a stack of golden coins.

Balances fire-accompanying wind.

3. Clasp both hands in vajra fists and press on the groins.

Balances descending wind.

4. Raise the tip of your tongue to the palate, just behind the teeth.

Balances life-sustaining wind.

5. Lift both shoulders up with straightened arms, like folded eagle’s wings.

Balances all-pervading wind.

6. Tuck chin in slightly, like a swan.

Balances ascending wind.

7. Gaze at the tip of your nose, or into space beyond.

Balances life-sustaining wind.

Sevenfols meditation Tibetian medicine Sowa Rigpa

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